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Our Focus Areas

Event Strategy | Event Design | Event Production

The areas of Strategy, Design, and Production are where we have seen and experienced amazing sparks that provide solutions for meetings and events.  Partnering with clients in these areas allows for creativity and collaboration to organically occur and desired outcomes to come naturally.

Strategy: establishing the goals and objectives of any program is the bedrock to which all things are built and to which they return.  They help guide the content and overall planning, resulting in great outcomes and success.

Design: the experience and often story you want to convey to those who participate weaves throughout all aspects of the process.  Whether it’s establishing a theme or overall feel, it provides a sense of place and anchor for both the participants as well as those involved in the planning.

Production: all your time and hard work helps you produce an experience for those who participate.  Ensuring there is a clear flow of events and the right pieces are in place provides a map for your participants to reference and experience.

We also welcome being part of an existing team from helping onsite at an event to bringing extra hands and minds to bear in the planning process as well.  Bring us in the final days to months out and everything in between.  We are happy to be your partner!


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