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Project Showcase

 Unique Venue

Instead of a standard reception, we partnered with the client to take attendees into a live natural habitat for the evening.  They enjoyed being with the penguins as well as other marine life and it definitely was different.

Live Wedding Shoot

From sourcing models to act as a wedding party to decor to simulate the venue, we created a learning laboratory for wedding photographers to learn from others.

Giving Back


Instead of just holding your event and going home, why not give back? Attendees during the reception helped assemble 200 hygiene kits that in turn were donated to a local shelter in need.  It was great to watch it happen while everyone enjoyed the reception.

Making best use of your lobby

 When you are expecting 1300 people to come and get their badges so they can  enjoy a great fashion show, you make best use of your lobby when they arrive.  Dedicated areas for badge changes as well as pre-registered attendee pick-up.

Right in the Action

How better to ensure things run smoothly from session to session than being in the same room calling the cues.  We love doing this with clients and partnering for success.

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